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Complete production line nonwoven-FIVES

One experienced contractor for your entire project

Fives has a broad experience and expertise in designing and supplying complete processing lines for different industries over years. Together with its partners in textile and nonwovens Technoplants (Italy) and Dell'Orco&Villani (Italy), Fives offers complete solutions for nonwoven producers:

  • Engineering, equipment design and supply, automation, erection, commissioning, supervision and start-up of production lines
  • A wide range of technologies and equipment for opening and blending, cutting and feeding, carding, bonding, winding, as well as stacking and packing
  • Patented carding machine DMS Elowave®
  • Audit, technical consulting and assistance for the existing lines, equipment process analyses
  • Revamping: existing line or machine upgrade
  • Spare parts and after-sales services

Opening / Blending

Dell’Orco&Villani (Italy), a leader in the design and construction of machines for the recycling of textile waste, has been in the textile machinery market since 1964. More about Dell’Orco&Villani


The company offers opening and blending machines for nonwovens and textile.


  • 1% blending precision
  • 2000kg/h maximum production rate
  • Saving of low-melt fibers
  • Buffer area for blending
  • Feeding via bale opener or pneumatic transportation

Project management / Carding / Winding

As an international engineering group, Fives has designed and supplied machines, process equipment and production lines for more than 200 years. For nonwoven producers Fives operates as an EPC contactor and project integrator, as well as a designer and supplier of critical equipment: carding machines.

DMS Elowave® card


  • Skilled team with nonwoven process knowledge and experience
  • Expertise in technological processes, mechanics, automation, etc.
  • EPC contracts, project management, proprietary equipment and partner technologies
  • Proximity to clients thanks to Fives network offices worldwide

Thermal bonding / Packing

Technoplants (Italy) has been a recognized expert in technologies for nonwovens since 1984. More on Technoplants

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The product range includes a high efficiency thermal bonding oven.


  • Robust oven frame to guarantee low deformation
  • FHR heat recovery system to reduce energy consumption
  • Homogeneous bonding due to the enhanced cross air control
  • Independent blowing section to allow  blowing boxes to elongate and avoid dangerous flections

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