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Fives has designed the DMS Elowave® carding machine specifically for the textile and nonwoven industries. The machine combines the best of carding technologies due to Fives’ process expertise and mechanical excellence. The DMS Elowave® carding machine guarantees enhanced stiffness and straightness of the main swift, reduced vibrations, easy operation and maintenance. 

DMS Elowave®, engineered for your success



  • Completely new design based on card engineering expertise
  • High productivity
  • Full modeling of airflow inside the machine
  • Roll conception with reduced run-out
  • Friendly operator system
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  • Better straightness and enhanced stiffness due to new design of the main rolls
  • Reduced detrimental vibrations during operation
  • Lack of equipment damage in case of fiber overload
  • Controlled aeraulic flow drastically reduces fiber accumulation 
  • Easy maintenance due to the machine full opening

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