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1-Sortie EBF 3-FIVES

Fives has redesigned a range of winders and slitters for the nonwoven industry, following by customers’ concerns on bulkiness, thickness, mechanical properties of fabrics and high quality of the final reels. These machines have been specifically designed for high-value products, focusing on production efficiency and maximum waste reduction.

The equipment is engineered for a wide range of products. It is flexible, fast to install and start, user-friendly and very safe. The equipment proved to be reliable and trusty for operators with minimum down time and maintenance. 


Ultimate quality of the reel in terms of bulkiness, straightness, tapered density and slitting precision:

  • Uniform and linear nip control
  • No stress on the web
  • Minimum down time
  • Less waste, more profits
  • Easy to run, safe to operate
  • Easy to set up with recorded recipes
  • Product data management 


  • 1 or 2 drum surface  + center drive winder / unwinder
  • 6 TNT (tension nip and torque) parameters on the winder and 15 TNT on the slitter rewinder automatically tapered
  • Twins device: tension winding system
  • Winder link: traceability between master and finished rolls
  • Unique rider roll soft touch control
  • Automatic doffing at full or zero speed
  • Countershaft light motion & axis drive control
  • Shaft and cardboard cores handling
  • Web threading and splicing devices
  • DMS OptiSize system with a camera device
  • New dust removal device
  • Automatic edge trims removal control with width optimization
  • Automatic packaging & labeling

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