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To most, the word nonwoven means “not a woven” or “not a knit”, but nonwoven fabrics are much more. The first nonwoven fabrics were produced in the United States in the 1940th. These early nonwoven fabrics were created by adhesively bonding fiber webs. Today, the Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry (INDA) defines a nonwoven as “sheet or web structures bonded together by entangling fiber or filaments mechanically, thermally or chemically. Due to its assortment of achievable characteristics nonwoven fabrics penetrate a wide range of markets including medical, apparel, automotive, filtration, construction, geotextiles, and protective.

Fives, an international industrial engineering group, has designed and supplied machines, process equipment and production lines for more than 200 years. Fives’ multi-sectorial expertise has expanded to nonwovens offering ultimate technologies for carded lines, added value solutions and a wide range of services.

Fives’ global offer for nonwoven producers:

  • Complete lines: engineering, equipment, automation, erection, commissioning, supervision and start-up
  • Showroom in Pistoia (Italy) to test fibers: in partnership with Technoplants and Dell’Orco&Villani
  • Individual equipment: chute feeders, carding machines, winders, slitter rewinders, end of line conveyors, palletisation, logistics equipment
  • Audit: existing line / equipment process analyses
  • Revamping: existing line or machine upgrade
  • Spare parts and after-sales services
  • Remote supervision

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